Urbane Liga

With the project „plattFORM“ I am an official member of the „Urbane Liga“ There for I spendet the first weekend of four meetings in Berlin. Together with other space pioneers and urban planners we discussed how design can be positiv for the civil society and how imported are cultural spaces for the city of the future. 25 different projects from all over Germany are gathered around to share their experience, ideas and problems. the aim of the two days was to develop an agenda for the next two years. All of this is in close exchange with the federal department of the interior and the BSR - Federal Institute for construction, city and space. A first conversation with the State Secretary Gunther Adler has already taken place. He has been very positive and interested in the issues. I am excited to see what we will be developing in the next two years and I am happy to contribute to the Urban League.

Photos by Duygu Atceken