a wedding dress out of mycelium


Weddings have a big environmental impact on our natural environ- ment. From the many guests who travel to the location, to the masses of food, loud music, the rings, and the wedding dresses. Considering the fact that often the dress is used for just one day and then spends a life time in the closet, I proposed to design a concept for a disposable wedding dress. The dress is made out of mycelium- the roots of fungi- a highly sustainable, fast-growing material. It does not require many resources and can be harvested almost everywhere, without infringing on the space we need for growing food. Aside from the obvious economical benefits, the dress is perfect for the latest current trend, the post-wedding photoshoot, at which you are likely going to destroy the dress, but have great wedding pictures in return. The mycelium dress comes with special effects; these you can choose during the many shopping trips. For example, it could glow in the dark, it can lose some patches when in water, creating so a new pattern, or include the bloom of flowers as the dress comes in to contact with water. After a shoot in a lake or in the sea the dress can‘t be used again, but that‘s ok, the wedding is over and there are breathtaking pictures as a memory. With the added extras in combination with the fact
that the dress is grown only for you gives the garment a tremendous personal attachment. They make for a great, unique appearance that the bride can share with friends and family through sending photos or publishing them on social networks.